Microsoft new OS Windows 8.1 on its way!

Microsoft OS Windows 81

There are a couple of leaks about the new OS of Microsoft, Windows 8.1. It is rumored that the tech giant could soon possibly release Windows 8.1 which is known by the name Windows Blue

. Microsoft is expected to make the search experience simpler with a few number of clicks. Instead of separating the results by categories like apps, settings and files, all these things would appear in a single screen unless you need to filter down.

There are few apps and tweaks that might be showed off in the OS. The product might bring out better SkyDrive integration. Other changes include:

  • Option to connect to a wireless display
  • New touchpad options in settings
  • Detailed Ease of Access settings
  • Save Files to SkyDrive by default setting

Files app would be an additional feature that will let you access files on the local storage as well as on SkyDrive. This feature would enable uploading and synchronizing process a much easier. There is one big criticism received by Windows 8. It is about the process involved in searching the apps. In Windows 8, it is found that all the apps doesn’t appear in the list after the search process is done. Microsoft might have hopefully solved this issue in its new product. There would be a new button in the bottom left of the windows screen which when clicked, would provide access to the new apps list.

An option to boot and log in straight to the desktop view would be added in the new OS. This option will be disabled by default in Windows 8.1 and it would be simple enough to enable it. The cliché factor user-friendly, is expected be more in the new release. The host of new options in the setting screen are yet to be revealed clearly. Multi-tasking might be enhanced. The splash screen application hovers until an area is selected. In-line web search results next to local results would be addition from Microsoft.

Keeping all the new features aside, you still have a good option of sticking around to your familiar territory, Windows 8, as its modern UI interface is fantastic.  Keep expecting new leaks ! Get ready for a new Windows experience !!



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