Bajaj Discover 125 ST Review

Bajaj Discover 125 ST

Following the tremendous new Bajaj Pulsar 200NS, Bajaj India has launched its new bike Discover 125 ST, where ST stands for Sports Tourer. It will be on-sale by the end of June 2012.  It is expected that Bajaj Discover 125 ST will be priced around Rs. 55000.00 (On-Road Price in Mumbai). The sports tourer, as the name goes, is for the people who travel long distances. In the beginning first few models of Discovers were more or less alike to look but the new ST has got a different look altogether.

The headlight and the front fairing are a nice combination of the old generation Pulsar and the new 200NS. The front mudguard has a pleasant look and adds a lot of character to the front of the bike. The tank has been given the new appearance too.

Pros: Mileage, comfort and more power
Cons: Short gearing, lack of top-end power


Discover ST is motorized by a 4-Valve, air-cooled, 4-stroke 124.6 cc engine, which generates maximum power of 12.8 Bhp at 9000 rpm with maximum torque of 11 Nm at 7000 rpm.  Bajaj Discover 125 ST features telescopic forks at front and nitrox monoshock rear suspension. It also features petal shaped 200mm front disc brake and 130mm drum rear brake.

The dimensions of Bajaj Discover 125 St 100cc are 2040 mm x 760 mm x 1087 mm. The wheelbase of bike is 1305 mm with a weight of 115 kg. The dimensions of Bajaj Discover 125 St 150 cc are 2030.00 mm x 760.00 mm x 1065.00 mm with a mass of 121 kg. The ground clearance of both the variants is 165 mm. The dimensions of Bajaj Discover 125 St 125 cc are 2030 mm x 760 mm x 1065 mm. It gives an amazing ground clearance of 179 mm with wheelbase of 1305 mm and weight 124.5 kg.

All the variants of Bajaj Discover 125 St are empowered with the fuel proficient engines that carry good mileage. This 100 cc and 150 cc version of Bajaj Discover 125 St has a incredible mileage of 65kmpl on city roads while on highway it gives 76kmpl. On the other hand, the 125 cc version of Bajaj Discover 125 St offers a mileage 56 kmpl in city whereas 67 kmpl on highways.

All the three variants of Bajaj Discover 125 St are equipped with the alloy type wheels with dissimilar wheel range. Bajaj Discover 125 St 100 4G has wheel size of 2.75 x 17, 4PR mm / 3.00 x 17, 6PR mm while Bajaj Discover 125 St 150 cc has 2.75×17 – 100/90×17 mm and new 125 cc is loaded with 2.75×17 – 3.00×17 mm wheel size. The wide rear tyre of Bajaj Discover 125 St assures unique road grasp to make its usage quite easier.

As far as the pickup of the vehicle goes, the Discover 125 St 100 cc can reach 60 kmph mark in just 8.52 seconds with a top speed of 88.4 kmph. Bajaj Discover 125 St 150 cc can cover 60 kmph sprint in only 7 seconds. While Bajaj Discover 125 St 125 cc ST can reach 60 kmph in mere 5.94 seconds and achieve the top speed of 107.4 kmph.

Variant colours :

Bajaj Discover 125 St 100 cc is offered with four dazzling colours with dual tone scheme

  • Black-Green
  • Black- Red
  • Black-Blue and
  • Red-Blue

Bajaj Discover 125 St 150cc is available in

  • Black with blue
  • Black with green
  • Black with magenta and with Flame red colour options

Bajaj Discover 125 St 125 cc is offered with four electrifying colours :

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Grey and Black

New 2012 Bajaj Discover ST 125 (Sports Tourer) Specifications

Image source: http://www.zigwheels.com

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  1. when will discover 125st sale in tamilnadu?what price in tamil nadu (on tje road)

  2. looking very nice. just dont think about it go take away with you

  3. The best bike in todays date in 125 cc range is none other than bajaj 125 st .Its really a sports tourer and best for daily commuting .i got this bike 2 days ago.Its totally noise free.And the 13 ps power with 9000 rpm makes it equivalent to 150 cc bike .The 4 valve tech will increase its efficiency.the smothness and comfort due to its monoshock is oustanding .The engineering done on this bike is really appriciable.with lots of thanks to bajaj its truly ahead.

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