2013 Honda NSX Revealed

The Honda NSX which is sold as the Acura NSX is a sports car that is produced by Japanese automaker Honda. The car is equipped with a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, powered by an all-aluminium V6 gasoline (petrol) engine featuring Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system. A long-rumoured second generation NSX debuted as a concept car in 2012, equipped with an all-wheel drive V6 hybrid powertrain, and is scheduled to enter into production by 2015.

Dimension of the 2013 Honda NSX are perfect. It is 4.33 meters which is shorter than a Vauxhall Astra, with only 1.90 meters wide and 1.16 meters high.

The design of the car is a visual treat. Exterior styling has stayed still which is remarkably loyal to the razor-sharp 2012 concept. New NSX’s design, is more about the interior than the exterior.


The flourishing front of the car gives a classy touch of the Italian restaurant which holds slim LED light strips and large air vents. The symbol “H” like most of the other cars is not placed on the grill, but proudly displayed on the hood. The rear roofline of the car to some extent resembles the Peugeot RCZ. The tail is self restricted with numerous corrugations, edges, contemporary lighting etc.


The Honda has tried to create a driver-focused cockpit so that he doesn’t get much distracted while driving. Interior ha got a simple sports interface which creates a synergy between man and machine. The seat boosters grab rails and transmission tunnel and storage compartments seem to swoop forward.There’s a rectangular screen in the middle of the dash, where a cluster of buttons for the gearbox, handbrake and sport modes are positioned. The car has got traditional steering wheel with three spokes. The seats are thin and beautifully sculpted. The whole thing reminds us of McLaren 12C. The Honda has announced that its customers can expect for more interior revolutions because it has got two years of time for the sale.

Fuel capacity:

2013 Honda NSX behind the driver lurk has got a 3.7-liter V6 petrol engine whose powers outdo to the rear wheels.

New Honda NSX layout of the power train is confirmed as mid-mounted direct-injection V6 driving the rear wheels, and two additional electric motors turning the front axle. That will give it four-wheel drive capability. Together, the electric motors will most probably add about 100bhp to the powertrain, bringing the new NSX to 500bhp overall. Electric motors can be controlled independently, which should help the car to an extremely high cornering speed. The power transmission is ensured by a newly developed double-clutch gearbox.

Wheels and tyres:

The front of the Honda NSX boast the Japanese 19 inch wheels with front tires 255/35er, at the back its 20 inch wheels with rear tires 275/30er. The only obvious difference of new Honda NSX is a set of new alloy wheels featuring lightweight carbon fibre fins for improved aerodynamics.



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